vector art

So I’ve had the urge to do some vector illustrations for some time. Here’s a few that I generated recently while I had some free time. Just for reference, everything was done in Illustrator. The first one (the girl made with brush strokes), I had the idea of using brush strokes to generate the imagery. After finishing it, I felt it was too gimicky and was displeased.


The second one (man’s upper torso), I wanted to use a series of gradients to make the illustration. Again, I wasn’t happy with it, but I felt it was a good exercise for me.


The third one I was more satisfied with, not necessarily because of the final result, but because of the techniques I developed along the way. I had an idea about how to approach this illustration, and it took me a while to get the desired look. Although it came out quite different than from what I originally had in mind, I think I was partially successful in achieving the look I was striving for. I wouldn’t consider this finished, but at the same time, I didn’t want to over render it.


One of the most difficult aspects of creating vector art is to not make your images look so flat. That’s not to say to make it look photographic, or 3D, but to give it some “depth”. I think the failure of the first illustration was due to me trying to hide Illustrator’s very polished and smooth look, instead of working with those aesthetics. Anyway, comments, good and bad, are always welcome. Although most of you don’t use Illustrator, if anyone’s curious about how I rendered my images, feel free to ask.