Proof of Life

It was a looong time in the making, but yes, it does exist. Finally got a couple of copies of League: Dark Dossier. Turned out pretty good. I would send you guys free copies, but I had to ask for these. Oh, I did get 10 comps, but DC sent them to my mother’s home. I have no idea now how my near 70-year-old mother is going to get a large-ish box of these to me; which makes no sense since they sent Absolute Volume 2 directly here. Thanks DC!

Well, if you are nice enough to pick up a copy, let me know what you think. Between page 1 to the last page (of colored stuff) is about one year or more difference. I can see stuff I’d like to redo in the earlier pages. I hear there’s going to be an Absolute version, too, which is nice because Kevin really did put a crap load of detail in these pages, especially the double-page spreads. Oh, and the 3D? Yeah, it actually works pretty well. Kudos to Ray Zone.

There’s an interesting interview with Alan Moore about the drama surrounding the making of this book. I want to link it to you, but he pretty much gives away the entire story while he talks. I’ll send you the link when you guys have read the book.