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I have completed the upgrade of TheCadreBlog and I managed to keep all 303 posts and 1,349 comments intact.

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New Cadre Blog
New Cadre Blog

I love this blog. It’s a great and private way for us to keep in touch and I don’t see any reason to change that. I would like some new features though, mostly the ability to notify subscribers when someone has posted. So before the end of the month, I will be updating the platform to it’s latest version. I should be able to do this without losing any content. So The Cadre Blog may be down for a couple of days.

I will be starting an email thread to let you all know also.

You Know You’re Old When…

You throw out your back vacuuming… Trying to get League colored this week is going to be hell.

    Corsett: check
    Pain Relievers: check
    Compress: check


Fuck Me

The manga was way more stylized than the live-action movie. So this should be an incredible.

Messed up mornings…
Messed up mornings…

I’m pretty sure I’m the oldest here… so I imagine only my mornings were plagued with shows like this…

Scary Broken Lip Synch Beasts


Creepy Single Neighbor Guy


Make it stop… my soul is bleeding


Yes.. your imagination is a great substitute for actual friends.

That being said… thank god there was this..

5am Nirvana


Oh, and one more thing….

Coincidence? I think not.

Throwing out an IDEA

Still a bit on self-imposed embargo for social media, but something popped into my head whilst working; inspired by James’ recent need to purge his book collection, and also looking at my own collection either going unused or unseen in storage at my parents’ home, I got this idea of us former WS colorists spearheading some type of charity cause to collect and donate books from artists who don’t think they need or want their books anymore and somehow making them available to needy art hopefuls or something of that ilk. Seeing as must of us in the Cadre don’t have kids, it’d be nice way to pass on this collection of knowledge and inspiration to future generations instead of trying to sell them for a significant loss or burning them outright.

Anyway, I need to get back to work, but let’s talk amongst ourselves and see if we can grow this idea.

Shinjuku Station

Took me a sec to figure out how they got this shot. It is really fascinating.

Adam Magyar, Stainless – Shinjuku

Adam Magyar, Stainless – Shinjuku
from Adam Magyar on Vimeo.

Feel true?

Something else for them to ruin…
Something else for them to ruin…

And at Oshii’s hands to boot. They built a full size labor for close-ups and such, but I bet the CG will stink. Sigh.

This is for our Headbanger members

iPad Drum Solo

Kiki’s Delivery Service

What a wonderful way to commemorate Miyazaki Hayao’s retirement… The incredibly scaled down setting; the awesomely obvious green screen effects; that J-poppy diddy accompanying the trailer. Yup! All the charm and magic of the anime perfectly recreated and further evidence that Japan knows how to use all the neato tech they invent.


Wilstorm Reunion Dec. 14

Hi guys,

For those of you not on the Wildstorm Classic Facebook list, Claudia and Carlos Vasquez are planning a Wildstorm reunion for December 14. Clau said to put the word out, so here I am. Carlos is working on the venue — hopefully La Puerta in the Gaslamp — and I’ll post updates as we get ‘em.

I am seriously thinking of flying out for this. Just waiting for a few checks to come in so I can get my ticket. James has already graciously offered his spare bed. I’m going to fly in probably on Thursday and rent a little car to bop around the greater SD area for a couple days before the reunion, then I’ll fly back on Sunday. I really hope I get to see some or most of you (barring those who live on the other side of the world!) while in town! Locals, let me know if there’s anything you’d like to do while I’m in town — go see something, spend a night camping at Carlsbad, potluck, whatever. I’m in an adventurous mood. :)

It’s kind of funny that I’m watching “Grosse Pointe Blank” as I write this.

Hope to see ALL of you there!

EDIT: It’s at the Uptown Tavern, 1236 University Avenue, San Diego, CA. 7-10 pm, December 14. There’s a back room reserved just for us.

Fruits of Labor

Happy to announce the completion of the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen standalone graphic novel. This one again featuring Nemo’s daughter Janni and….NAZIS! Well, Alan Moore Nazis. Should hit stands first quarter of next year!! Tell your friends. Tell your family! There’s food and treats at the Pixie Pantry and the Good Witches Bakery!!

Love These Visuals

I really wish they would get their shit together and do something like this in live-action (view after the break):

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A friend of mine was wondering if these prints on this Japanese site were for sale?

Anyone able to make heads or tales of this?


SDCC 2014
I mentioned before that there was some talk about possibly attending next year’s Con with the League creative team. After some frank discussion with the folks at both Top Shelf and Knockabout (UK), we came to the conclusion that supporting my airfare there was not really financially feasible. So, sadly, I will most likely not attend. We’re keeping lines of communications open on the off-hand chance someone wins the lottery or comes into some extra cash; but more than likely I won’t be going. Thanks Jeromy for offering to put me up at your place, though. Would have been great to have seen those of you who would attend.

Japanese CG
Been mulling on this because I really hate the fact that Gatchaman looks so bad (and worse the more I see of it) narratively and visually. And I was listening to Brad Bird’s commentary on The Incredibles while working and he said exactly the problem with Japanese CG: “The computer tries to make everything look small, weightless, clean, and shiny.” That was it. They’re not doing the problem solving at the computer level that Pixar and other big CG places spend a lot of time, money, and energy solving—even for mere seconds on the screen. Harlock is faring a bit better, but you can still see of those elements pop up here and there. Thank you Brad Bird. Now I can sleep.

The new Batman.
Ben Affleck. Good actor. Better director. Can’t see him as Batman if Daredevil is any clue. My pick would be Jim Caviezel. If you need someone to go up against Supes, it needs to be Jesus!

Nice in-game UI

Just saw this. There’s a lot of great stuff going on here, but what really impressed me was the in-game UI. Maps, updating maps, inventory & skill management all nicely integrated into the gameworld without ever taking you out of the experience. Well done Ubisoft. And the graphics are incredible; makes me even more angry that Gatchaman can’t even do this level of visuals.

Pacific Rim

It’s the movie you always wanted. It’s the movie you would re-watch everyday during summer vacation, destroying the videotape in the process. It is pure childhood joy.

I rest my case…

This is like Thai, Singapore or HK level kind of SF filmmaking (which may just be a slight on both those film industries).


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