Guide to Posting Images

There have been some changes to the editor in the new version of WordPress. Most will be cosmetic to you, but the way you Upload and Insert Images is handled a little differently.

Above the toolbar, you’ll find Upload/Insert and a set of four symbols. They are as follows: Insert Image, Insert Movie, Insert Music, Insert Media (can be a document).


When you click on Insert Image, a pop-up window will appear where you will Select Files to upload from your computer. The new uploader now allows you to select multiple images to be uploaded at once, so if you have a set of images you want to use, you can upload them all now. A special note, make sure your images are no larger than 600 pixels wide.


Once your images are uploaded, they will be listed out for you in the Gallery Tab where you will be presented with the following screen:


If you want to upload a Gallery of images, choose to Link thumbnails toImage file.” You can then choose the order they are displayed either by Name, Date/Time, or Menu Order. With Menu Order, you can customize the order the images are displayed by inputting numbers (1~4 for example) into the Order fields next to each image. Make sure to “Save all changes” to set the order. Then you can choose the number of columns the images will be displayed. When everything is set, click “Insert Gallery” and WordPress will do the rest. In your post, make sure your cursor is at the part you want to insert your gallery. You can always delete the Gallery if you make a mistake by selecting it which will bring up an option to either Edit or Delete the Gallery (or image):


Of course, you can still insert images individually by choosing “Show” for the image you want to insert. You will be presented with further options:


If you want a preview image that links to a larger once, select “File URL” under Link URL. WordPress will generate the image path. Then choose the image Alignment which will usually be “None.” Lastly, choose a size other than “Full Size” for the preview image. As you can see, the size of each option is displayed. Once that’s done, click “Insert into Post” an you’re all done.

If you encounter any problems or have questions, just let me know. It takes some getting used to. One word of advise, if you plan to insert a lead image into your post followed by a gallery further on, Upload all your images at once. Post your single image then your gallery. Unfortunately, the system does a weird thing where your gallery will still display the image you put as the lead image, so it’ll be on there twice. I am hoping by version 2.8 the WordPress guys will give us an option to “not include” certain images in the Gallery. Until then, all images associated with your post will appear in the Gallery no matter what.

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