TRON Legacy Teaser

Now you can actually see it.

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  1. skimvision on July 24th, 2009

    I was such a huge fan of the original Tron. Can’t make too much of a judgement from this trailer, but so far I like the designs. Also, I’m not sure how their villain will be, since I thought David Warner was awesome as Saark.

    I remember James had an awesome idea for the sequel a while. Maybe he can elaborate.

  2. bend on July 25th, 2009

    I actually am pretty unimpressed and disappointed with the designs. I mean, the guy is fused to the bike now. 51 seconds in you get a profile shot of how his ass becomes the rear wheel dragging itself on the ground. Some of the other concept art available on the web seems to be pointing to a design sense grounded in reality which, IMHO makes no sense since it’s the gaming world. Or, let me guess, the movie will be about how the line between real life and games is blurring? Yawn!
    What makes Tron great is the detachment from our world. Now, the bikes seem to move so slow and they just do stuff normal bikes do except they’ve got a light trail behind them. They could’ve gone to town with the designs since these bikes don’t have obey laws of physics or mechanical functionality. No sharp 90 degree turns? Pretty lame.
    The film designs actually remind me more of “Automan” than Tron since the TV show didn’t have the budget for CG.
    And for reference:

  3. skimvision on July 25th, 2009

    Good point, while I like the look so far, there’s several things that I felt were unnecessary for a virtual world. One, like you mentioned, was no 90 degree turns, although one could justify the leap from 90 degrees to curves akin to pixels to vector. One small thing that took me back to reality was when he shifted gears. Why the fuck do you need to shift gear in a world like Tron? Also, when young Flynn stopped his bike, it stopped glowing. That didn’t make sense to me either.

  4. bend on July 25th, 2009

    Or the fact that he actually can turn off the bikes glow and go “stealth mode.” Definitely weird stuff.
    Also, searching for Tron clips, I found the part where Tron is fighting with the Identity Discs. Comparing that to the design of the disc now, I wonder how you’re supposed to block opponent’s shots when the disc is now more of a ring.

  5. Kiko on July 25th, 2009

    This is trailer is supposed to be a few years old, which is weird in and of itself. It is a “teaser,” so who really knows what we are looking at here. The inclusion of physics does seem a bit weird, but I find the “vector” interpolation of “turns” idea, that Steve brought up, pretty nerdy/neat.

    I will say that, whether it makes sense or not, I give a thumbs up to the seemingly analog projection of the player’s face onto the avatar. It’s very meta.

  6. roach on August 10th, 2009

    Phil Saunders is one of the main Concept guys on this movie. One of the big reasons it’s “grounded” in reality, from what he told me, is the director insisted on real costumes and sets, and wanted to not use a lot of CG….which of course, is madness. Phil and the other designers were not pleased btw.

  7. bend on August 10th, 2009

    Yup! Definitely looking more like Automan. Would be cool to see some of Phil’s concepts at some point when he can release them!

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