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Comic book folks,

Just wanted to announce here that I am available to help someone with coloring work if they need it. Been off work for most of the summer due to the cancellation of a project as well as League taking a break. Gave me time to work on my own stuff, but now I need to start earning a living again. Should you need a page or two taken off your hands, contact me directly. You all know my email address right?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. colorista on September 7th, 2015

    What’s your email? :) I never know if I have someone’s current address! I’m okay on work right now, but it’s helpful to have a cadre (ahaha) of helpers when I need ya.

    Sometimes people contact me looking for recommendations for colorists. Do you want me to put your name out there? What’s the lowest rate you’ll take? (Note: I usually quote $150, but sometimes I’ll take $100 if it’s a really good friend. Or, if it’s for a convention print and it’s something that I think will sell, I’ll accept $75 plus a share of the prints.)

    James, E-Dog: Do y’all want the occasional cover/print job too? I get lots of requests. Ben gets first dibs though if he wants ‘em! :)

  2. bend on September 7th, 2015

    Hey Laura. You can reach me at bendesigns@mac.com.

    I’m kind of torn regarding putting my name out there. I’d rather help one of you than commit to a long project. I just need to survive until next summer when League starts up again. But, am I in a position to turn down potential opportunities given my current situation?? Oh, the dilemma. I guess it would depend on the project. I don’t think I should commit to a regular series, but if there’s a one-shot or mini that you get wind of, I think that could be doable. As for page rate, I’ve set policy never to go below $100. I’m not “Laura Martin” so I don’t think I could get $150 so somewhere in between those two rates is where li’l ol’ me resides.

    Thanks again Laura. Really appreciate it. Hate having to turn back to the funnies to earn income, but it’s one of the few, marketable skill sets I have at the moment.

  3. bend on October 7th, 2015

    Thanks for pointing Nick my way, Laura. Deals have been made and we’ll be working together on his project.

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