Still Painting Dolls

I posted my first painted miniature quite a while ago. Since then I’ve kept at it, falling ever more so into the hobby gaming fandom. Here are some of my latest painted figs.




I am currently running a WarMachine/Hordes league at the office and my tabletop game collection is outgrowing my storage space. What are you guys up to hobby wise?

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  1. bend on April 27th, 2015

    Nice Kiko. I always wanted to get into painting pewter figures, but couldn’t afford the paint and tools at the time (before high school, when you were probably just a zygote). Is this your weekend hobby kind of thing? Great that you can have that balance of work and hobby, but still keep them related.

    Photography’s my hobby when I can practice it. But I also already have a lot of photos in need of post-processing and ultimately framing or publishing into a book. Sadly, when your financial survival depends on you slaving away on pages, then finding the time for this often becomes sporadic.

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