Things you end up finding out.

Watched an interesting documentary on Hitler’s rise to power on NHK last night; I put it on just to see what parallels there are with the way the current administration here is doing things (there are). But some of the more lasting tidbits from Hitler’s life and the rise of the Nazi party were rather eyebrow raising:

1) Those fabulous uniforms that make the SS and the Nazi Party so fashionable were designed by Hugo Boss. The man before he was a brand.

2) Wagner (Flight of the Valkyries) was a staunch anti-semite and his daughter a very close friend of the young Adolf Hitler. When you think of it, Wagner’s obsession with Germanic legend seems indicative of this.

3) Henry Ford was also anti-semitic and gave all profits from Ford automobile sales in Europe to a fledgling Nazi Party to help pay for those Hugo Boss uniforms, propaganda posters, etc. He was the first foreigner to be inducted and decorated by the Nazi Party (accompanied with photographs).

The things we don’t know….

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  1. skimvision on October 1st, 2014

    Interesting tidbits. Makes me miss watching the History Channel when it was still about history.

  2. the_E on October 2nd, 2014

    And now Israel is the new Nazi. But America is in full support this time around.

  3. bend on October 2nd, 2014

    One other little thing I neglected to mention. Hitler studied opera actors and had his personal photographer document him practicing stage gestures that he would later use in many of his now famous speeches. The documentary did a good job showing the photographs then switching to film footage of the speeches but with an opera soundtrack. Clearly he was using stage theatrics to give his speeches more punch.

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