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Macross Delta–the unfortunate reality

Sorry I was lax in finding out more about this, but in the end, doing so only lead to disappointment. Take a look at the new key art for the show.



The story is also a little strange. Reportedly it has stronger ties to Plus and 7 than Frontier. The story has to do with some rare disease that reduces people to their primal instincts. A desperate measure for “treatment” is the idol group “Valkure” (that’s a “cure” mixed in with the word Valkyrie). The story is about the search for the cure which involves looking for the originators of protoculture, the original ancient settlers of all the planets across the galaxies. There’s something about a Wind Kingdom and whatnot but really, they lost me with the idol group thing. It’s just a cheap grab at the new girls’ idol group boom going on now. I don’t feel a genuine attempt to tell a Macross story. Plus, if you look at the videos, you’ll see the really ugly CG they’re using. Too bad. What a disgraceful way to follow-up the excellent Frontier.

Anyway, it premieres on Sunday. I’ll see if I can catch the premiere, but don’t be surprised if I don’t.