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Mad Max 2015
Mad Max 2015

There is just a taste of Gilliam in there, and that ain’t bad. Not at all.

Satoshi Kon

Thoughtful analysis of Satoshi Kon’s editing style. I need to watch these movies.

Post Notifications!

I have completed the upgrade of TheCadreBlog and I managed to keep all 303 posts and 1,349 comments intact.

With any luck, you are reading this due to the new notification feature. The hardest part about this blog has always been remembering to check it for new content. Now whenever some posts, an email notification will be sent to everyone with a user account. With this new functionality I hope that TheCadreBlog will continue to grow.

If you plan on enjoying these new notification emails, please whitelist “” in your email client so that it doesn’t get routed to junk mail.

If you’d like to “unsubscribe” from the notification emails, you can do so by visiting your account page. If anyone has any questions, please let me know at