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Minor social update

So, on April 21st, I had my wedding with Yufen in Taipei, Taiwan. Nobody has seen anything regarding this on my Facebook, because I tend to keep my personal life private. Since Ben attended the wedding, it’s only fair that I let the rest of the Cadre in on this.

It was a very tiring task leading up to the wedding, mostly because we did a lot of the work ourselves, but in the end, I think it was worth it (not to mention the amount of money we saved). I shot all of our engagement photos, designed our invitation card, made a little animation describing how I met Yufen, and choreographed a dance routine. Yufen did a tremendous job of finding accommodations for my guests arriving from abroad. She also found a local flower retailer to handle the flower arrangement.

As other places, weddings are big business. Most couples will visit an agency that takes care of everything (clothes, photography, etc.), but as I mentioned above, we pretty much arranged everything ourselves. It’s not uncommon to have a wedding in a building solely dedicated to hold different weddings on different floors. Guests arrive to give red enveloped filled with money and watch Powerpoint slideshows of the bride and groom’s childhood photos. During the reception, the bride will make numerous catwalk runs to showcase different outfits. Yufen and I felt this was all silly and definitely doesn’t represent us. Yufen’s parents are more traditional, so we had to find a compromise. In the end, the wedding was smaller than average, but it was held in Taipei 101, so it had a little bit of excitement for guests.

Most of the guests were relatives of Yufen’s. I had two tables set aside for my relatives and friends. One distinguishing aspect of our wedding was the language barrier. Yufen’s older relatives can only speak Taiwanese. My parents can only speak Korean and English. Most of Yufen’s relatives can’t speak English. Of my five relatives visiting from Korea, only two can speak English, while three of them can also speak Japanese.

Ben has graciously sent me his photos from that day.

And here are some photos from our official photographer:

As for our future plans, we’re waiting on Yufen’s immigration processing, which they say will take 6 months or more. From there, it’s a matter of finding work, preferably in California, either in San Diego or San Francisco. Not sure how long we’ll actually stay in the States, but I think both of us will want to eventually move outside of the States.