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Audi’s with Guns

Well…paintball guns. The only thing more “WTF” than these cars duelling it out is the use of the Paul Engemann song from “Scarface.” Kind of cheeses the video, but that’s just me.

Sobering News

Wow—for lack of a better word—just really sobering news. I don’t even remember talking to him that much since I was a newbie back when he was on Stormwatch and I didn’t get to touch the major titles yet. But I remember him roaming around the studio, but mostly huddled over his desk in that “Room of Elites” next to Jim’s office.

I wonder what the cause of death was? The family hasn’t commented on that yet.

43. That’s what I turn this year…

Homage Book Project

Hey ex-Wildstormers who aren’t aware of this yet — there’s a Thing happening, that started on Facebook. A growing group of Homage refugees are planning to put together an Art of Homage book. John Nee spearheaded it; Drew Bittner and Claudia Chong are doing all the legwork; and there are a shitload of contributors, including Jeromy, James and me. Ben, E-dog: if you want to be a part of this, contact Claudia on Facebook. I want LOADS of colorists involved, because so damn many of us started out there, and computer coloring came into its own during our era.

Ben — I understand that you have not been keen on being in contact with John Nee. Maybe now, when nostalgia is running high, is the time to join the conversation again. Or you could avoid John and just talk with Drew & Claudia. :) (I really do get it — I would be torn on whether to participate if this was a CrossGen project.)

Anyway. Food for thought…