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A short rant

After 8 years of living in Japan, today has been the first time that I have seriously thought of leaving.
Major elections were held today and the results couldn’t have been worse. Japanese (mostly the older folks with young people’s apathy contributing to the results) have chosen to go backwards. Imagine if America voted Bush (GW) back in to office after all that his administration had done (or didn’t do); and not only that but gave the Tea Party control of both the House and Senate. That was today’s election results. The party that drove this country into the ground after 20+ years of failed policies since the economic bubble burst in the 80s and over 50 years of government rule since the end of the war, has been elected back into power with sweeping control. This was the party responsible for building Fukushima and allowing the foxes to mind the nuclear hen house.
Today, a great majority of Japanese people (no one I know), decided that they were more afraid of China, North and South Korea than dealing with the problem of nuclear power in an earthquake prone country or even the recent tragedy of the collapse of a tunnel ceiling on a major interstate highway due to lack of maintenance (i.e. deteriorating infrastructure). And that’s probably my biggest disappointment. After all that’s happened these past 3 years since a new party took over, the people here chose to return to the status quo, to short term policies, and to an image of strength and confidence instead of truly remaking themselves.

I haven’t felt this depressed about anything in a long time. Sorry for the rant. Just had to get that off my chest.

Ben, please check in

Another major earthquake just hit northern Japan. Ben, please check in!

Do you remember, Steve?

Warning, may cause flashbacks and uncontrollable fits for the CG sensitive.

Oh, Phil, you thespian you…