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Promised videos…

Hey there… I’ll try and make this quick, just in case the video links don’t work. I have some Gothic Cowboy stuff to share…. but I know you said you don’t like to see your own stuff E. If you don’t mind me “throwing up” the in progress trailer, I’ll upload that next.

This first video is a short commercial I’m working on. I need to do some audio tweaks and ADR the actress’s voice near the ending. I’m still thinking about putting a voice over on top of the whole thing. We’ll see.


Here’s a second version of the same video with some slight differences.

Aroma 2.0

This next video is a behind the scenes moviette for the Trophy Wife video I shot with my friend Shane. I never put it up on YouTube because of the copyrights for the songs. If you haven’t seen the music video, check it out here first…

Trophy Wife Video

I hate that line running along side of the video… need to fix that. Anyways, here’s the behind the scenes thing most people never saw.



As soon as I can drive, I need to come see you E. Audrie is up there in LA as well, so I could do both of your ADR’s over a weekend. I’ve already done Steve’s. And I’m about to do Ron’s and Lance P’s. I don’t mean to be so assumptive with you willingness to participate E, I would understand if you thought GC was dead… it’s just that I’ve never given up… I really want to complete this bad boy, bad. Trying to finish it with the comic work and life has just been a bit difficult, to say the least. I’m going to do a Kick Starter in the next month or so to push the whole thing over the top and finally wrap up the damn thing. Fingers crossed.

I hope these video links work… I guess I’ll fix ‘em if they don’t. The mp4′s seems to work in Safari but not Chrome. Not sure about Firefox or IE. Let me know…


Okay… before you hear from some place strange.

Hi Guys,

I know I’m never on here… but I just thought I’d pop on with some good news.

I”m feeling the best I’ve felt in over a decade. Healthy.. amazing… ah man.. not even I can treat this like a joke. I actually am feeling the best I’ve felt in over a decade.

I’ll just drop the news and let you know that I’m doing amazing and everything is really really good.

11 days ago, I went in to the hospital for an elective heart valve replacement surgery and it worked wonderfully. I made a speedy recovery and I’m in no pain. My breathing, which I didn’t realize was as bad as it was, is like 200 percent better. I’ve lost 27 pounds in 11 days… but it was a healthy loss. A week of low calorie hospital food that I continued once I got home. Both Claudia and I are doing great and are real happy. Her nerves are obviously shocked a bit. My heart is preforming up to it’s potential now that the bad valve is out. I am now part robot… or I’m a cyborg… not sure.

I chose not to tell anyone, so don’t feel left out. Please don’t share the info with anyone. Claudia and I are trying to recoup in peace and I’m really nervous my Facebook is going to be bombarded, and I don’t want that.

Love you guys and I’ll try and keep you updated…


Here’s a long form letter that I’ve been sending around to sort of catch people up.

Okay, so, the morning of Thursday April 4th I went in for elective Open Heart Surgery in Kearny Mesa about 5 minutes from my house. The surgery was to replace a deteriorating valve in my heart. The valve, like the rest of my body is affected by my connective tissue disorder. The doctor later told Claudia that my old valve was “floppity”. That went excellent. I did great in ICU and was let out early to my own room on the cardiac recovery floor where my speedy recovery continued. All the doctors and nurses say I made a speedy recovery. Apparently, I was in the 98th percentile of recoveries. My surgeons assistant nurse said I was the ideal patient. My entire focus had been to listen to everything they told me to do. I think that listening to them was and is the key to how well I’m doing. Lot’s of rest mixed with walking to get my body and circulation moving. The walking (shuffling)would also get some of the anesthesia out of my deflated lungs.

On Saturday, the 6th, after a walk around the cardiac recovery floor, I sat in my chair and coughed up some phlegm. That’s when it felt like a light bulb turned on. Oxygen rushed into my lungs and through my now better preforming heart and everything has seemed to be getting better from there. I started passing all my tests and my vitals all perked up. My breathing exercises improved immensely. Everything got  much better from that point. (I did have some difficulties, but I’ll save those for a different conversation.)

I was ready to be released Sunday the 7th, but part of having a new mechanical valve (cybernetic organism) is I have to be on a blood thinner the rest of my life, so blood platelets don’t get damaged as they pass through the valve and clot further down my circulatory system.

I arrived home on Wednesday. Basically a week after the surgery. I sort of ran to my backyard and took in all the oxygen from the different trees. The sun was rather warm and felt amazing. A strange side effect that I imagine will wear off is my senses were all extra sensitive. Leaving the confines of the hospital felt like going from an aquarium to a loud crazy world. Like Lee Lo from Fifth Element. I swear I can taste different kinds of oxygen in the air.

Please, don’t feel I left you out of something by not telling you about this. I told 10 people about the surgery,  including 4 work related, Claudia and my Mom.  I made my decision to limit the scope of how many people to tell so I had more time to focus on how to be strong going in for the operation and recover as fast as possible by listening to exactly what the Doctors said. They’ve basically told me to relax, eat protein to heal my sternum and go for walks. My friend Mark who is a great physical therapist recommended the same. So I’m chillin’ and relaxin’ in the meantime. I feel and look so much healthier today than last week, that I imagine when you see me, you’ll think “He didn’t have an operation.”

I’m feeling a bit euphoric from the whole ordeal. It’s actually to the point where I imagine it’s annoying. So if I go on and on about how life is so great and let’s all be nice to each other. Just tell me to shut up. I’m just feeling such a massive amount of gratitude, it’s hard to let it all off. If I were a tea kettle, I would be squealing joy. That sounds like a bad band name.

Please, if you could, don’t tell anyone about this. I understand if you have a significant other, obviously you can tell them. But please tell them how important limiting the scale of how many people know about this effects the amount of time I have to help speed my already speedy recovery. I also just don’t want it to become a Facebook thing that snowballs out of control. Also, if you don’t see someone’s name on here.. it means I probably haven’t told them yet…

Two funny anecdotes…

• My new valve makes a rather loud tick. So that’s hilarious. You have many many new ways to make fun of me, as if you didn’t have enough already. I get a lot of “Crock” from Peter Pan. My poker game is screwed. And yes, it can be fairly loud. I don’t care though… to me, it’s a metronomic reminder of a second chance I’ve been given. A second to second reminder to stand up straight, breathe in deeply, eat healthier, and love my family and friends as much as possible.

• Upon getting out of surgery, I was taken to ICU. My memory of it was rather blue/grey somber. Machines, drain tubes running out of me. EKG’s. They brought Claudia in and I was still rather out of it. One of the nurses was yelling at me “Time to wake up, Jeromy.” I had a breathing tube in, which I luckily have no memory of. Apparently they are uncomfortable. I tried mumbling to Claudia that I wanted her to massage my right hand. It had swollen a bit and was tingly like the circulation wasn’t all there. Claudia massaged my hand which felt like heaven. She said I kept dozing in and out of consciousness. Groggy and not really there. Then I perked up and said in a half sleepy excited voice “Claudia. Del Mar Fair starts on Tuesday.” Claudia, I believe, laughed to herself and decided to play along. She asked me, “Really, what are you going to see?” I exclaimed, “Pigggiieessss!!!” Claudia then asked, “Reallly, what else.” I paused and thought very seriously and then answered in a very low determined voice, “monster trucks.”

I’ll try and keep in touch as much as possible. I’m not allowed to drive for a month. Love ya..

Merry Christmas,


New Tool

Finally got myself a prime lens. It’s going to be a lot of fun working with this as I have mostly done photography with some type of multi-range lens. It will also be refreshing to have a really wide aperture. The 18-105mm lens that came with my Nikon was an f5.6 at 50mm!! (f3.5 at 18mm) and I can tell you that by dusk, if I didn’t crank up my ISO to 1000 or more, I would get lousy shots free hand. And forget about low lit interiors like a restaurant or bar. It was the death of a snapshotist like me. Now I am going to enjoy the simplicity of a single focal length with a wide aperture. Fun days ahead!

Oh, if you check the metadata of the photo, you’ll notice I took the photo with an iPad. These are the days in which we live.