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Bob Peak Coffee Table Book

Hey guys,
Just wanted to point your attention to this 6lb. beauty. I think this may be the first time his career defining works have been collected in a single book. If you pre-order direct, it’s 20% off. Only 250 will be offered at this price. I’ve already ordered mine. Find a description and link to purchase here:

Bob Peak Book [Coffee Table Book] – $52.00

Wildstorm Finale

Guess there was some type of reunion thingy at the old studio. You were there, right James (and Jeromy I see from a photo by Whilce)? Jim took a video of some of the folks gathered in The Pit for a final photo and I could see a lot of familiar faces. Would’ve been nice to have been there, but then again…may be not??

Jim wrote on his twitter:

Im indebted to everyone who helped build WS to what it was @therealtedadams @johnnee @Kanalz @sdunbier @Ben_Abernathy @claudia_chong


Other WSers @KristyQ1_DC @suddenchad @AlexGarnerArt @Eddy_Choi @guymajor @Sinccolor + many others

Hmm…no: “Thanks colorists for knocking out those issues saving us thousands in penalties and late charges. Sorry for keeping you all awake at all hours of the day; and some times unable to party with the rest of us??”
Well I guess the “+many others” covers that, eh? At least he mentioned Guy and Alex Sinclair (B.F. to most of us).

It’s really odd how much of my memories of Wildstorm can be filled with both fondness and bitterness simultaneously. May be it’s just me….

UPDATE: Here’s a picture eerily evoking the one take so many years ago