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Recent Travel

Went on a short but well needed trip…though I usually come back more tired. Anyway, here’s a preview of the place. Those who know will know immediately what this ad is all about. More pictures soon, though I don’t guarantee when…I still have a design related post to write…eventually.

Another one….

Yearly Check-ups

I think I mentioned a while back or at least in some blurb on a comment somewhere here that I would be getting an MRI/MRA done during my yearly physical check-ups. I got the results back a couple of weeks ago. Everything was all green in terms of things like cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, BMI, etc. My MRI came back clean as well.

However, my MRA (this is a scan of your brain/body that reveals your blood vessels without having to drink some crap) showed a slight bulge in one blood vessel near the frontal right lobe of my brain about 3mm in size that had the potential of being an aneurysm. Speaking with the managing physician, he told me that I probably have nothing to worry about because of the size and the excellent condition of my other medical statistics. Just in case, however, we’ve scheduled another MRI/MRA for October just to make sure that it hasn’t grown in size. If the results of the second scan show no growth, then it is not a problem. (By the way, this is not my brain image, but it is weird seeing inside your own head!)

mra image

The biggest factor of whether this could or would have turned into a medical problem requiring surgery is blood pressure. Thankfully, I have that in check and have been told to at least bring it down just a little more by watching my salt intake. But I just wanted to let you guys know the importance of getting yearly check-ups, especially as we are getting on in years. Just because you may be physically fit, there are hidden potential problems that only specific tests/scans will reveal. I am lucky that I decided to concentrate on my health early on and lost weight and brought my numbers down to green levels in the last few years. If I hadn’t, the bulge that was found could have been a bigger problem requiring immediate surgery…or worse…I might have just suffered a full on aneurism and died on the spot.

If you’re not getting yearly check-ups or just check-ups in general, please consider doing so. Catching something early is really the key.