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The things you find…

in the Mac App store. “Help Kiko get the precious totem back!”

A Milestone

My first full sized movie poster that I designed and had printed (nicely considering some of the dodgy material I was given).
Will be hanging up at the Rotterdam Film Festival next week and anywhere that books the film. Designed accompanying postcard handouts with the same image just without the credits which were placed with other text at the back of the card.

(click for larger version)

Will try to do a post on the process along with some of the alternate versions I made for initial approval.


Happy New Year everyone!
Hope whatever crap happened to you in 2010 can be put behind you and now your energy can be focused on the year ahead of you.

Some highlights (or lowlights depending on how you see it) from my year include: beginning to work with Marvel as a colorist; severing ties with a couple clients who were more headaches than they were worth; translating the treatment for a proposed NHK documentary about a survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings (the same person James Cameron is thinking of making a movie about); finally finishing League volume 3 #2 just before New Year (one month late of schedule); helping Aki with some cool projects of his to give some Japanese artists exposure overseas; being contacted by Tim Bradstreet to color one of his covers with talk of helping him out on a future project (after almost a decade of “wanting” to work with one another); and a reawakening of my passion for alternative music thanks to some great music blogs on the web (just when I thought my CD collection wouldn’t grow any more… at least I have a TB of HD space for lossless digital stuff). Got some stuff possibly lined up for 2011 including reviewing films on a semi-pro basis as well as a continuation of stuff with Aki. Gonna try and pick up a limited series at Marvel and I hear tell that Kevin O’Neill is “thinking” about getting started on League volume 3 #3 soon. Might make a trip out to Seoul this year and my Mom is looking to visit sometime in the Fall. I plan to take a lot more time out this year to travel locally, work on my photography and stop being stressed out so much. As we used to say at Wildstorm: “It just ain’t worth it!”

How about you guys? Highlights? Lowlights?