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Macross F movie 2

For those interested:

My comic book (sort of)

Well, I can’t believe it’s actually happened, but an interactive comic book that I recently worked on has been officially launched today:

It’s been an interesting journey leading up to this. Eric Dallaire, past colleague from Presto Studios, contacted me last year to do some freelance for his startup company, Impish Studios. Most of the freelance was for supplying graphics for existing iPhone app games. I initially wanted to pass on it because, to be honest, I just didn’t want to work. But I felt having extra money can help my costs of living abroad.

Along the way, Eric wanted to start working on creating new licenses and had an idea for an iPhone game. The idea was to make it black and white with graphic images to minimize asset creation. Somehow, he began talking with the folks at Amazon and they talked about possibly making an interactive graphic novel, much like the original “Choose Your Own Adventures” series. Since the Amazon Kindle device only displays shades of gray, we felt it would be suitable to adapt a film noir feel to it.

Now, I’ve never drawn a comic book before, but Eric had full confidence that I could pull it off. The main plot was laid out by Eric while I collaborated with the story. I supplied most of the art, but because of deadline constraints, Ron Lemen was able to help out.

I admit, I’m not entirely happy with the quality of my work, but it’s been such an awarding experience. It’s forced me to consider how to illustrate things that I wouldn’t normally be interested in (especially environments) and to explore different techniques (like making rough layouts in 3D to help with perspective).

Today’s Delivery

Something just arrived….

The Japan exclusive steelbook blu-ray!

and goodies.