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So, Like Wow II

Yesterday, two extended clips of the Yamato movie was aired on the TV program Smap x Smap, which is the TV program for the group of the same name, one member of which is the lead for Yamato. I’ll be honest and say that the effects seemed to stand up to scrutiny on my HDTV. Quite well done and certainly not “cheap” looking. That being said, however, it still seemed to lack sophistication. The capital ships seemed to lack a sense of scale, particularly the Yamato. There’s an odd “plasticness” to them which I am unsure was intentional or not (Japan having a great tradition of model making). Lighting shaders also seem to be run of the mill. On a beauty pass of the Yamato flying passed the camera with the key light on the opposite side of the ship, the “dark” side seemed way too bright and showed too much detail for what it should be had they gone for BSG style “realism.” The director also had the annoying tendency to fly the camera from outside of a ship, in through the cockpit and onto a closeup of a character far too often. At least 3 times in what was shown last night. So, overall, the SFX are passable. Better than I’ve seen in a sci-fi movie out of Japan, but certainly not world class as the marketing would have Japanese believe.

Here’s one clip:

And here’s the opening 2 minutes:

Am I going to see it? Probably as a rental. Over the weekend, the “weepy audience” commercial for the film aired confirming my fears that this is targeting a young, female demographic since the guys are just going to come to see the fireworks. I am certainly not feeling a sense of “adventure” from what I have seen and that is a shame.

Some of the audience comments from this clip:
“I cried the most at this film this year”
“I felt a true sense of wanting to protect the planet.”
“It made me consider a lot of things.”
“Of all the films I’ve seen, this one is the best.” (the young boy at the end who can’t be more than 11)

Reviews by average viewers have been mixed. Right now it’s averaging 3 out of 5 stars on one site. Lots of 1 and 2 star reviews by long time fans whose biggest complaint is the story of the entire saga being mashed up into 2.5 hours; they also found the deliberate focus at sentimentality and melodrama an affront to other themes the series had to offer. There are some 4 star reviews as well, as expected mostly from women not familiar with the series and a few “semi-fans” who thought it was respectful enough.

That’s a nice OUT fit!
That’s a nice OUT fit!

The young Eric Magnus Lehnsherr as he should/could be.