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Taking charity to the next level

Hi gang, it’s been a while. Just popping in to tell you about a new thing going on in the Martin house.

For years, Randy and I have been donating money and goods to places like the ASPCA, Humane Society, and local no-kill shelters. We’ve done our small part in getting a couple of cats off the wild neighborhood streets of Chamblee, Georgia (we adopted one; my parents adopted another). But we’ve been wanting to do more.

Solution: Becoming a foster home for shelter cats.

We signed some paperwork with a local shelter at the beginning of the month, but didn’t hear anything right away. Last week, we got the call: could we take a mama and four kittens? It was a lot for a first-time foster situation, but Randy and I were game. We picked up our tiny wards last Wednesday.

It’s been interesting and educational…and, yeah, kinda gross. Kittens do NOT “instinctively” know how to use a litterbox. Just sayin’. Other than that, the four kittens — two boys, two girls, approx. 9 weeks old — are adorable and hilarious. The mother is extremely protective, and I have to be careful that whatever I do with her kits meets her approval, because she will (and has) cut me if I do something wrong.

We haven’t yet introduced them to our cats, and won’t, until the babies have their first round of shots and Mama gets over a strange cough.

We’re going to have them for another four weeks, or until we leave for San Diego. This will cover the time when the kittens have their first two rounds of shots. It might even bring them up to the age where they can get spayed/neutered. Then they will be adoptable. No, we are not keeping any of them…even though the runt has wormed her way into our hearts. :)

Anyway. That’s what is going on here. if you want to see the day-to-day goings-on, photos, and whatevers, check out my livejournal:

– Laura

I wish I was more talented…

It is true. I have no talent. What I do have is a lot of practice. And I am not talking about occasionally dabbling in Ruby on the weekends. I am talking about the kind of practice where I beat code that isn’t working into submission (though often times the code wins).

I know we all have had moments (some longer than others-ahem–James) where we were/are saying this to ourselves. I hear it echoing in my head currently. But I found a pretty good article that I found–without trying to sound corny–inspirational. The topic is website code, but it can be applied to whatever we are doing even if it that is just transitory.

More here: I Have No Talent–John Nunemaker