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More cult film goodness

From the guys who were responsible for Robo Geisha (“fried shrimp!”) comes another awesomely ridiculous but just plain fun-looking film with action, gore, and a goth lolita assassin! This is the “gag reel” trailer playing it up for yuks…

And here’s the “normal” trailer…

World Cup

Sorry folks, but it’s that one time every four years when the world’s best gather to play the world’s sport. And Nike gets a chance to hire a big time director to do up an awesome ad campaign. Like the John Woo one from the 90s, and though not WC related, the Guy Ritchie one from a year or two back. This time it’s Alejandro González Iñárritu (Babel, 21 Grams) visualizing what goes through the heads of soccer’s greatest. Enjoy!!

Hilarious CS4 Crash Reports

Be sure to read the Problem Descriptions

More can be found here: Maniacal Rage.

Golden Books

These are pretty great.

This is where I work…

We started a TV series about our office.

How is everyone?

Hey guys. Just catching up a bit. Sorry for the downtime for the blog recently. According to Kiko, there might have been an attempt to hack the site. Whether or not it got fixed on the server side, or if Kiko did something, I am not sure, but we’re back up. Admittedly, it’s been rather quiet here recently. I have been quite busy with my Marvel work and League3 vol.2 is starting up as well. Doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. So, hope you’re all doing well. Give us all a brief update in the comments of this post. Like, where are you now Steve?? Anyway, just catching up….