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Manga colors

I’m still waiting for my Mikimoto Macross manga in the mail- hopefully be here by the end of the month. But in the mean time, I couldn’t resist coloring a few panels straight from the ebay pics just for fun- sticking as close to the original series as possible. Ben has suggested I post them so here ya go…macrosscolortrainervalk

My Tokyo

Wish I had shot this, but…. Excellent edit of stills and video, probably shot with the same camera. Great use of lenses as well.


My first post…

For all you Macross fans out there, Haruhiko Mikimoto is “re-imagining” the original Macross series in a new manga called Macross: The First. So cool to see the epic moments from the animated series redone in the stunning detail and style of Mikimoto’s pen. And with the updated designs from “Do You Remember Love?”. Behold the glory…



Crash landing!

Crash landing!



Akira + Hollywood

This can’t be good.



As part of my recent introspection, the one thing I realized is that I was spending an inordinate amount of time thinking of ways to help people become successful while completely ignoring my own…”success” for lack of a better word. Well, I decided that it was time to be a little selfish. Afterall, they say if you’re on a plane with your child and there’s an emergency that causes the oxygen masks to come down, you should first put your own mask on first; the logic being, that if something happens to you, you definitely will not be able to help your child.

Well, my child is this thing I have been trying to start with friends to assist Japanese indie filmmakers. Unfortunately, it’s been slow going, and has been occupying way too much of my time without any real benefit for me other than to fulfill a desire to get more films seen by a wider range of people. That is going to take a backseat for the interim as well as the translation/design thing…which is a spotty affair at best—very seasonal, and prone to being blown around by financial winds.

To secure a more stable and at least guaranteed month-to-month work/pay, I have gone back to funnies. Don’t get me wrong, I wish I didn’t have to, but after months of looking for other types of work, it was becoming apparent that finding a job at my age and skills (for stuff desired in Japan which doesn’t involve teaching English), would be close to improbable. So, I went back to the industry where at least I knew I could trade on my name for something. I contacted Marvel because the company has its shit together and I know a lot of editors there with whom I have had good working relations in the past. Even asking specifically for one-shots and mini-series because of the nature of my translation work, it didn’t take long after I contacted them to be sent an offer, the legal stuff to sign, access to their FTP to receive and send work, and clear technical specifics and operational procedures. Like I said, they have their shit together. I’ll actually be working for a writer/illustrator with whom I worked in the past so it was a pleasant reunion of sorts. I should be starting on the project this month, taking me through to May.

I’m coloring again. A necessary evil, but one that will at least let me feel a tad bit more secure about my situation until I can get bigger and better things going.