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Synth Britannia

You’ll have to bear with me on this…I am going to get quite wordy.
My RSS reader pointed me to this excellent if very Brit documentary (Oh BBC, why do you operate like you’re a radio station?) about the history of Synth Pop. As someone who was just starting to form my musical tastes at the height of the Synth Pop era, this documentary was quite revealing. I was (and am) into a lot of the bands featured in the documentary. Learning the back story and history of the movement produced some quite eye opening points: OMD and The Human League were actually one of the first or leaders to experiment in electronic music?! The impetus of synth pop actually lie squarely with the punk movement in Britain in the 70s?! A frustrated member of The Human League left to form Heaven 17?! New Order wanted to be popular enough to be played in clubs?! God, Gary Numan is just a normal old guy! Read more »

Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Short animated film by a young Japanese talent who I think will play an important role in the new genre of “independent anime.” Absolutely wonderful!