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Purely Random Encounter

So, I’m running errands on my bike and I see this old man walking up a small street I usually use to go into town. He’s wearing a bluish jimmy-hat, dark squarish glasses and sporting a whitish beard. As I pass him, I almost crash into a light post because that old man was Miyazaki Hayao-san!

He seemed to be just taking a walk since he had nothing on him, no bags or anything. As you know my only claim to fame now is that I live about 10 minutes bike ride, 20 minutes walk from Studio Ghibli. Seems like Miyazaki-san was just out stretching his legs, probalby after drawing too much at the studio.
Pretty damn cool encounter if you ask me! Hope I will run into him again sometime….

Congrats Laura

For getting a exclusive gig at Marvel. Nice to know they value you enough to put their money (I hope) where their mouth is. If there was a studio I would like to have continued working with, it is probably Marvel. I still haven’t been offered a page rate as high as they had given me, nor worked with editors who were so “Johnny on the spot” with their work.
Alas, I am on my farewell tour, but it’s nice to know someone who’s getting their dues from the industry.

TRON Legacy Teaser

Now you can actually see it.

Crazy Comic Con

This is the line not to get into the Convention Center, but the line to get into Hall H (where they do all the movie presentations)!!! That’s just 10 kinds of nuts!!


For those who remember Mat Broome…

Ebony Magazine 1985
Ebony Magazine 1985

They predicted what stars of the time would look like by 2000. It’s really too bad Michael didn’t up looking like this. There’s still so much mystery surrounding his change of appearance; whether you want to believe he actually does have a rare skin condition that turns pigments white (it actually exists) or that his nose job was to improve his breathing, one thing is for sure, I think we all would’ve preferred this Michael. (and yes I’m aware he’s just shy of saying: “Colt 45!”)

MJ aged at 40

Weird shit from Japan


Do you know anything about this Ben? What sold me was the narrator’s voice. “Fried Shrimp!”

Comic-Con and related activities

Hi gang, it’s that time of year again. After a four-year hiatus, Randy and I will be attending CCI again. I’m not sure if I’m dreading this or looking forward to it, but I’ve actually got Artists’ Alley space this time, so I’ll be there with prints and my computer. (If they actually run electricity to my table.) Who’s gonna be there? Wanna hang out?

We’re staying on an extra week in the LA area and further spots north. It was intended to be a vacation, but work is having its way with me as usual, so I’m bringing work with me and doing it at the in-laws’ house. Hopefully we can sneak away for dinners/after-hours fun, or maybe even an overnight trip to somewhere pretty. We’re leaving our plans pretty wide open, other than the working part, and a Martin family get-together on the weekend after the Con.

Would love to see any of you who are in the area(s). My cell # is 404-660-1825. My table # is KK-16.

Couldn’t Help It

While writing a post about the Heroes Title Logo, I just started doing this for no apparent reason other than I’ve got a little too much time on my hands.