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The Pacific

This one is especially for you, Kiko, though I am looking forward to this just as much. If the same team that brought us Band of Brothers can bring that magic to the Pacific theater, then there’s no reason why this won’t be just as stellar.

Isn’t it obvious?

Leave it to the Japanese to release this set of examples explaining what kinds of photos are not accepted for passports instead of just posting the way the picture must be taken and explaining that all other iterations will not be accepted. Some of these just seem so obvious it boggles the mind that they felt it necessary to be “clear.” (click to embiggen)



Hey guys,

Welcome to the new Cadre Blog! There’s been a lot of changes under the hood, most of which you guys won’t have to deal with it. It’s mostly administrative stuff. BUT there has been a significant change to how to work with Images when writing your Post. I have written a guide which you will find a link to above in the top menu. You can still post directly from the home page by choosing “Write Post” from the menu.

The current theme is just something I am experimenting with. It might stay, but there’s a good chance the old theme will come back until a better one can be found. If you encounter any problems with anything, let me know. The upgrade seems to have gone without a hitch, but we can’t be 100% sure until we put the site through its paces.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Now this is what Episode 3 should have been like…maybe even Episode 2 as well. Pure f-in chaos by the end of things.

The Beatles

Everything about this is superb.