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So It Does Exist…

Found this on a photo gallery of this year’s Cannes. Proof that the “Royal with Cheese” exists.


The real question is, what the hell is a “Chicken Mythic”!!??

Team ICO is the shit!

IMHO, the only video game studio making true “fantasy” games.

Because someone thinks you want it…
Because someone thinks you want it…

I give you the Bubblegum Crisis Live-action movie.


This time, it’s not Hollywood, but the original Japanese company responsible for the anime AIC, plus a host of other Asian production companies…about 6 in all. I can sense the cheapness of it already.

Big Trouble in Little China Gets Extras, Extended Cut

Title pretty much says it all. Officially, the features on the Blu-ray are:

  • Commentary by director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell
  • Nine deleted scenes
  • Extended ending
  • Vintage featurette
  • Music video
  • Richard Edlund interview
  • Two trailers
  • Six TV spots
  • Behind-the-scenes gallery

Intrigued by the Extended ending. Wonder what ol’ John will be tacking on. Anyway, the key art isn’t Struzan, but is trying a little harder than the Japanese version a few posts ago.


The (starship sized) elephant in the room…

How are we gonna handle Star Trek reviews, considering our geographical discrepancies?