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“Spoiled” barely covers it
“Spoiled” barely covers it

You guys might have seen this, but I caught this on the internet today on a technology blog I frequent. I have been thinking the same thing, so I’m glad someone made light of it on national TV. Yeah, it’s partly “when I was your age…” grandpa stuff, but really… no one is amazed anymore and honestly think it’s their god given right to have this stuff.

Anyway, carry on:

Thank You Sideshow

Leave it to a toy company to get the look of G.I. Joe right when a big budget Hollywood film can’t. Nice stuff. Wish I could afford them.



Not to be outdone by some lowly Stormtrooper….


Some recent Weapons Concepts…

We don’t have a Concept artist on Vanguard, so now we pretty much do our own Concept drawings.(Actually all of us do almost everything now, except animation…we steal that from EQ2…and We just recently stole some anims that I think were Steve’s…) Here’s my 1st stab at some weapons, (nevermind all the logo crap, we’re making then into Desktop Screensavers for the fans)


Great Character Design

With the current state of game graphics the option to go photo-real usually ends up as a train wreck, and often times just plain creepy. I was surprised at how well the developers of the upcoming Ghostbuster’s title absolutely nailed it. They struck the perfect tone, not too cartoony but “real” enough so that the actors are recognized in an instant – capturing each of their individual persona’s.

With the original actor’s doing the VOs – it just seals the deal.

Everything I Need to Know About Life…

I learned from Thelonius Monk…

(Monk’s notes to his saxophonist, Steve Lacy. Definitely words to live by.