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Have a great day guys! To your health and happiness… (gulp, gulp, gulp, ahhhh!)E 

Funny Video Time

Starts strong but finishes even better.

Indiana Jones Sketch Cards

I just turned in my first batch of Indiana Jones sketch cards. I finished 101 single-sized cards and 4 “panoramic” (double-wide) cards. I killed two markers, a Micron pen, and my hands and neck in this process, but overall, it was a good experience.

Lesson #1 learned: Small, fun projects can become big, burdensome projects when you don’t time-manage properly.

These were fun until I ran out of time. Then they became A Real Problem. But I got most of them done, and I’ll take a break from cards for a while before doing them again (if Topps will even have me; I didn’t complete all the cards). The best part was getting used to the Copic markers. Everything that isn’t graphite or white acrylic paint is Copic marker or Micron pen.

Hope you like! Oh, and these have NOT been approved by Lucasfilm yet, so please don’t spread this around. Thanks!

– Laura

A sampling of Indy cards

Color me Pleasantly Surprised


Must admit, I was pretty pessimistic about it. Now, the REAL hard work begins.
He’ll be dodging political and maybe real bullets from here on.
Good luck, President Obama.
You’ll need it.

By the way, sir, that was an incredible speech.