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Willem Dafoe…

…makes good Nazi.


So strange
So strange

A funny thing happened to me last night when I attended a film industry mixer at the Tokyo International Film Festival.
At one point, I felt that someone was kind of following me. I ignored it because I was headed toward a familiar face in a room of strangers. After saying “hello” to my acquaintance, the person following me asked in slightly stilted English, “Excuse me, do you speak Chinese?”
Naturally, I said I didn’t to which he had a slight perplexed look on his face. What he said next just floored me…

Now, I have been mistaken for a lot of different types of people from Thai to Mexican, even Korean once. Rarely, other than to other Filipinos, do people ever think that I am Filipino. But for the first time ever, and this one is for you Steve, this guy thought I was Taiwanese.

And not just any Taiwanese, either, because this guy in all honesty thought I was director Ang Lee’s brother. A quick glance down at his hand revealed he had a camera at the ready. It was so strange. After the guy shyly excused himself, my aqcuaintance asked me if that’s ever happend before. I told her she had no idea…

Anyway, Google Ang Lee and take a look at images of him. Do you think I could pass for his kin?

A favor…
A favor…

This is mostly for Steve, but I may hit some of you other non SoCal people up for it. Mikayla(My girlfriend Aprils’ daughter) has a school project where she needs to send some dolls she drew to a far away place and have a picture taken of them, and a story about that place. So naturally I thought of inconveniencing you guys. If it wouldn’t be a bother, could all of you guys send me your addresses? That is if you wouldn’t mind taking a pic and writing a little something about yourself and where you live in the next couple of weeks?

Thanks in advance.

Content Aware Scaling


I’ve seen a few 3rd party apps/plugins attempt to do this with limited success.  Hopefully Adobe has taken the time to get it right.  For those of us that have to prepare lots of marketing materials, this kind of functionality could saves weeks of man hours per year.