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Oh man…

This picture is supposedly of the “Nirvana” baby. He is now 17 years old. Man, I feel the years rolling on.nirvana-baby.jpg

Negadon: The Monster from Mars… way cool… J 

Very cool.

And it reminds me of stuff Steve was working on. Especially the roughs at the end.


Found this picture of Steve eating lunch. No wonder the man can climb the highest mountains of Taiwan.
File under: “Yeah, but where’s your rice?”




Via Eric Tan.


Just scrub to 2 min 30 sec….

Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD from adam kimmel

adam kimmel
on Vimeo.


Domo for Target

Japan is here.

I thought it was weird enough to see teenage girls sitting in the aisles of Barnes and Noble reading manga, but now Target is using an obscure Japanese Television Mascot as the symbol for their Halloween seasonal offerings.

Domo for Target

The days of traversing the seedy back rooms of comic shops to find anything Japanese are over.

island hopping

So, last week was the start of my two week vacation, so my girlfriend and I went to visit two islands in the southern eastern part of Taiwan.

We first took a 5 hour train ride from Taipei to Taidong, and from there, we took a one hour boat trip to Green Island. It’s quite a small island, but it has many gorgeous sights.

look both ways

We rented a moped, which really made it convenient for me to get up early in the morning and drive out to the neighboring coast lines to photograph the sunrise.


My girlfriend wanted to go snorkeling, and despite my inability to swim, I gathered up my balls and went with a snorkeling guide. It actually turned out quite fun and I’ve never seen so many variety of fishes in real life before. I was doing fine during this excursion, but in the last 10 minutes, I started to feel really nauseated and by the time we made it back to shore, my whole body felt numb and I could barely clench my hands into a fist. I felt much better after sitting down for about 5 minutes. Least to say, I didn’t venture out into the water again.

From there, we visited Orchid Island. This island was bigger than Green Island, and yet, it felt like it was less developed. Because of this, it was really exciting for us to explore the place that was otherwise rarely visited. In fact, it was quite hazardous walking around most of the coast because the rocks were so uneven and sharp. I had several lacerations on my hands just by holding on to a rock for stabilization. And good god, I’ve never seen water so blue in my life. And during night, the sky was so clear that you can easily see the constellations.

goat love

One of the abundant wildlife that we found on the island were the goats. They have a tranquil life there and though most of them paid no attention to us, one of them, a mother, was quite friendly to us. She would follow us as we walked around taking pictures. Her two kids were avoiding us, but as the mother kept us company, they eventually ventured closer to us.

We stayed at a homestay that was run by one of the aboriginal folks. They mentioned that best time to visit was during spring, so we hope to get a chance to revisit during that time.


Nikon D90


I think I have found the camera I have been waiting for. Nikon’s soon to be released D90 delivers a lot of professional quality functions but at a “pro-sumer” price: $999 for the body. It can also boast of being the first DSLR to shoot movies. Sound like a gimmick? Actually, take a look at the samples on the official website. It’s quite impressive with up to HD720 resolution. Early reviews mention sound quality as being a little lacking, but let’s face it, I’d probably just put whatever I shoot to music anyway so no real biggie. However, having a camera that takes movies with the same imaging technology and lens options as still images is very intriguing. If I can swing it with the money I will get for League, I think this is the camera for me.