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My top 10 most depressing endings…


…must now be modified to include The Mist.

It joins such gems as “Last Exit to Brooklyn”, “Leaving Las Vegas”, “Requiem for a Dream”, and “House of Sand and Fog”.

Good times.

Getting Tired of the Elections?

You have an choice…


Fresh 007 Covers

You Only Live Twice

Penguin is releasing a new set of hardcover Bond books, later this month, with amazing new cover art.  Check out the rest here.

More Card Finals

jam-lon-set04-tmp-01.jpgSo here are all the cards I did. What’s funny is the weakest card is the one I wanted to be the best. *sigh* Anyhow, thanks for the kudos(for the Oracle card), but I have a long way to go…but I’m really trying, and that’s better than I used to be. The template around the cards is a generic one, so ignore it as a place holder. The Art Directors are way to quick to ok the cards, I already see changes I want to make to all of the cards…The Oracle one has some funky lighting sources, and I wish there was a way to brighten it with out losing the dark mood…something else to learn…

Only 3 more to do by monday…

oracle08_512.jpg…i hate my silly life right now.

 Anyway, any corrections you guys may have lemme know.

Speaks for Itself

Skewer or Vilify Speed Racer here

For those who have seen it, let me know your thoughts. I have been monitoring reaction and it’s been very interesting. The most staunch haters are either your usual “cinema” critics who don’t get it or Wachowski Brothers haters. The ones who love it the most seem to have been fans of the show. The tepid responses seem to be coming from the uninitiated whose points I happen to agree with. What’s your take?

In a brief discussion with a friend who went ga-ga over it brought up a point about Iron Man versus this film. Though they certainly can’t be compared on some levels, the one where you can is critical and audience response to a genre film. Iron Man seems to have given the uninitiated a great time with extra bonuses for those “in the know” while Speed Racer seems to have been grinning at the fanbase, but forgot about the other people. Fair assessment?

Conundrum (Update)

So, over the weekend, Rumiko and I drove down to my director acquaintance’s home. He lives to the south of us, a little passed Kamakura which we all went to (the place with the big seated Buddha) when you guys visited. It’s a kind of summer resort town, very quaint and somewhat well-to-do. There’s a kind of Soho or Hillcrest kind of feel to it (minus the gay community). He lives in a modest, but stylish home with his wife (an actress), two sons, his mother and his grandmother.

We talked about films, his upcoming trip to Cannes and just got to know one another better. It’s funny that a lot of conversation was on the topic of being a freelancer and the pratfalls of trying to survive in an industry notorious for not sharing the wealth with its ancillary support roles. Ahem. Well, this ultimately made bringing up the sticky subject of our dilemma much more natural. And I am happy to say that at least in this case, I can believe in the goodness in men. He was very upfront and open to the way Rumiko brought up the subject of what to do about invoicing for the work I had done so far. He apologized for never ever really discussing the matter in detail and suggested a way we could proceed from now on. He also acknowledged that he, too, was thinking about how to bring up the subject matter and had it not been brought up on that day, it would have made our working relationship a bit more tense. And though I certainly was glad to hear that from his end, that little voice in me said, “Well, then why didn’t you say something first…”

Anyway, things are sorted out, as the British say and it looks like we can continue our working and personal relationship without that anvil hanging over our heads. On a sidenote, his wife also handles much of his business affairs, kind of like how I have started entrusting Rumiko to handle mine. Why? Because it seems we both just accept work without really discussing compensation with the customer. We both seem to like to work, but have really poor business sense.

Carry on.

Sorry, I’ve been AWOL

Nothing interesting of note in this post, just glad to be back on the Cadre — my tower died and I didn’t save my bookmarks, and then I couldn’t remember my username…how sad when the memory starts to go.

So, a quick update of  all the excitement going on here:

As I mentioned, my seven-year-old G4 flipped out, so I found a Mac Pro and an Apple Cinema Display on the refurbished section of Go me! I’ll have to put up with the jury-rigged laptop and dying monitor until the new machine arrives. The old machine’s in the shop right now and, if repairs aren’t too pricey, it’ll be resurrected as a scanning station for Randy’s art sales business.

Yesterday morning, a tree fell on our house. Small tree, didn’t have far to go, so it didn’t do a lot of damage, but it did poke a 1′ x 3′ hole in the roof over the carport, and crimped the water heater’s vent. This is the second time a tree has fallen in my neighborhood in four months. The first tree (a huge oak that crushed a house) was termite-damaged; this one was dry-rotted and filled with carpenter ants. Even though we’ve been getting regular rain about once a week, the long drought has done its damage. I wonder how many more trees will crumble?

I have not seen any movies lately. My deadlines have been back-to-back, and this week will be the worst. Ouch. But Astonishing X-Men is now finished and off my plate, so at least there’s that. Secret Invasion is frickin’ KILLING me. Why did I ever think a big summer crossover would be cool?? There are like fifty bozillion characters!! AUGH.

The book: “Telling Stories with Color” is still in draft stage. I think it’s supposed to be on the stands in September, but that may have changed because I needed a lot more time on the drafts than originally planned. It feels like I’m rushing through it; the design is a bit crap and I’m having to cram a lot of information into not-enough pages, but whatever. I just want it finished, but carving out time in my schedule to dedicate to it has been impossible. Next week I should have time to get chapter 2 under control, and fine-tune chapter 1; then it’ll feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Cat update: we have four now, officially. Mina, whom some of you know, is still kicking, but slowing waaay down; Frankie, who joined the family right after the Japan trip; and we adopted two strays, Mei-mei (an unbelievably affectionate and vocal Russian Blue, who is currently an indoor/outdoor cat) and Gracie (also very friendly, but hates being indoors).

Well, that’s about it. I’d better get back to work — I gotta get through 15 pages of Thor by tomorrow morning, then 15-17 pages of Secret Invasion by Friday morning. NO FUN.

Hey, anyone wanna go on a Geek Cruise in November? It’s basically a Mac conference on a cruise ship. The Mediterranean; Egypt; Greece; Italy Turkey; Cyprus. – parties of 4 or more get 10% off both the conference and the cruise. Trish Mulvihill and the Hories are already signed up… and it’s a tax writeoff, since it’s all about training!

Okay, gotta go. Sorry this is such a me-me-me post. ;)

– Laura

The Horror

Photoshop crimes are getting out of control.  Who will save us?

More Card Roughs!

cardroughs02.jpgThese are for the next set for the CG at work. I actually get to get your feedback before I start the finals…hooray!

In order: Vampire Oracle(supposed to be a scary vampire dark-elf  priestess with a crystal ball), Paladin elf dude(Self Exp.), Mountain lion(a big cat coming out of an Alpine cave) Big kick-ass Bow(a giant kick-ass bow carried by a scout..a back shot of it slung was asked for, not my fault…).

I have some ideas of what to alter on my finals, but your input is always valuable.


Tad’s Wedding…
Tad’s Wedding…

…you ex-Wildstormers know who he is. I posted the photos I took of familiar faces. Lot’s of old schoolers. Matt Mia’s really cute son Issac too.

Carry on!


Iron Man


Gets a 7 out of 10. Stane wasn’t a great 1st villian, RDJ was fucking brilliant as Stark though. For those of you that know Phil Saunders, he did a lot of concept for the film. The suit stuff was of course, top notch. As a popcorn summer flick, 8 or 9. Hopefully it keeps Marvel “Studios” in the black.