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Guy Ritchie

Is a genius.

It’s too bad he will forever be known as “that guy that married Madonna.” Be sure to watch the Hi-Res version here.


If anyone is interested in hearing me butcher the Japanese language, you can check out my interview here:

As much as I hate hearing my own voice, I thought hearing myself in a different language would be more tolerable.

Not really.

I wish I kept up with my Japanese study, but I have no incentive. Carry on.


For those photographers among us, found an awesome blog about lighting, specifically, how to get professional results with consumer tools. Good stuff.

Blow Joe

As titillating as that title might sound, unfortunately the subject matter is pure garbage. After seeing this, I certainly shudder for the Cobra designs. Would it hurt for them to use a little color?? Click for larger ugliness.


I am in a bit of a professional crisis. No, nothing drastic as what am I going to do with my life or any of that. However, a recent event is forcing me to reevaluate how I have and should be conducting my business.

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There is a special kind of pride that you can take from strangers who find your art compelling enough to have it scratched onto themselves.  Here’s the original design.

Nerd Out!
Nerd Out!


During conventions I rarely get to nerd out. But this year my convention role has been diminished (thankfully) and I was able to actually do stuff at SakuraCon (the modest Pacific Northwest anime show). To my astonishment, Nobuteru Yuuki was signing. He is my favorite Japanese character designer and I have been collecting his rare independent (doujinshi) book releases for years. It just so happens that he was the character designer for my favorite series, to which he produced a doujinshi release for – and I was fortunate enough to acquire. I had to get him to sign it. Mission accomplished (with a nifty photo too).

April Fool’s
April Fool’s

Think you’ve seen everything? How about this…view after the break

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