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Shirow MMO designs

Shirow RF Online skin
Though I can’t say that I “appreciate” Shirow’s current work, the idea of bringing guest artists to produce special bonus sets for MMOs is an intriguing idea – and dare I say, not a bad one.

More Card fun…

Another Legends of Norath card…well, the 1st of 4 I need to do by Friday(GULP!)

This is like 70% done, so if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them. It’s supposed to be a pack of wild apes, on the hunt. I’m resisting putting one in the back with his Arms up because I spent so much time on the Background, but I think I need to bite the bullet and do it *sigh* At least I have it saved.


This of course is the new one with the background ape. I’m glad I did it.


Final after some corrections.


Picture of the Week and…
Picture of the Week and…

This is too funny. Especially since it’s in India. Who would think the mullet would be popular there?


Also, I am extraordinarily swamped with work until early March so I won’t be able to visit for a bit. Keep the home fires burning, though. I shall return!

Ask not for whom the bell tolls…
Ask not for whom the bell tolls…

It tolls for thee.


Toon Timeslip

Allow me to geek out a bit. As I have been experiencing a need to revisit favorite things from my youth, be it TV shows, cartoons, etc., I sometimes encounter only a vague memory of an image or a singular element that has stayed with me. Trying to research this on the internet has proved to be challenging. Usually asking a friend (usually James who seems to remember EVERYTHING) often solves the problem.

That was different with one title, a cartoon from the 80s I used to watch along with favorites such as Thundercats, MASK, G.I. Joe, Thundarr the Barbarian, The Inhumanoids, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, etc. The only element which I could describe was a guy with two swords that joined into a double-bladed sword. That’s it. Even James was hard pressed to remember a cartoon with this element. After Darth Maul blazed his way on movie screens, double-bladed whatevers have become the rage with the geek community. However, I knew that I saw this concept a long time ago.

Distracting myself from work recently, I finally decided to home in on finding what this cartoon was called. Several google searches for “80s cartoon double swords”, “80s fantasy cartoons”, “80s cartoons twin blades”, etc., etc., produced no results. Then I searched for just “80s cartoons” and finally came upon a poorly designed, but thorough website cataloging 80s cartoons in alphabetical order. So, I started the long search starting at “A”. By “F” I was beginning to fear that if this cartoon started with a “Z” that I would be in for a long haul. Then, in the “G”s I found it. It’s a Hana Barbara cartoon called “Galtar and the Golden Lance”.


Hazza! With title in hand, I went to YouTube and lo-n-behold, there are episodes and the opening sequence. So if you would allow me to indulge myself:

Rough drafts of covers
Rough drafts of covers

All right, you designery types. I need your eyeballs, advice, suggestions. I’m working up some roughs of cover ideas for my four-part series called “Telling Stories with Color.” I’m starting with Book 1, but it’s safe to assume that whatever design is chosen, the main elements of that design will remain for all four issues; just the colors will change. These will initially be released as four 22-page floppy comic books and then collected into a deluxe edition with a DVD or somesuch. I want something that does not immediately scream “COMIC BOOK!!”, but imparts some of the clean classiness of Chip Kidd covers. Please let me know what you think of these, whether any of them have any hope whatsoever. If you’ve got ideas of your own, please feel free to share!

Sample 1: Crap on a Crap Cracker

Sample 2: Slightly Less Crap

Sample 3: Now I’m Getting Silly

Sample 4: Probably Too Gimmicky