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Still Painting Dolls

I posted my first painted miniature quite a while ago. Since then I’ve kept at it, falling ever more so into the hobby gaming fandom. Here are some of my latest painted figs.




I am currently running a WarMachine/Hordes league at the office and my tabletop game collection is outgrowing my storage space. What are you guys up to hobby wise?

Nice in-game UI

Just saw this. There’s a lot of great stuff going on here, but what really impressed me was the in-game UI. Maps, updating maps, inventory & skill management all nicely integrated into the gameworld without ever taking you out of the experience. Well done Ubisoft. And the graphics are incredible; makes me even more angry that Gatchaman can’t even do this level of visuals.

Do you remember, Steve?

Warning, may cause flashbacks and uncontrollable fits for the CG sensitive.

Oh, Phil, you thespian you…

A Masterpiece

There are some obvious issues with the models and animation, but the storytelling is a triumph.

The things you find…

in the Mac App store. “Help Kiko get the precious totem back!”

♪ Pac Man Fever ♪

♪ It’s driving (some people) crazy! ♪

Crazy Comic Con

This is the line not to get into the Convention Center, but the line to get into Hall H (where they do all the movie presentations)!!! That’s just 10 kinds of nuts!!


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Now this is what Episode 3 should have been like…maybe even Episode 2 as well. Pure f-in chaos by the end of things.

The Beatles

Everything about this is superb.

Team ICO is the shit!

IMHO, the only video game studio making true “fantasy” games.

Maagggiccc Misssssilllleeee…


We started playing Dungeons and Dragons at the office on Monday nights and it has been pretty fun.  I was lucky enough to find a miniature that closely resembled my character, which happened to be modeled after a character from the latest Soul Calibur.  This is what it looked like

looked like
when I bought it.

I’ve never painted a model before, much less something that tiny, but I have to say that it was pretty damned fun and was an great learning experience.  It has certainly helped me control the shaking in my hands, which is something that always bothered me while taking photos.  Now hopefully I won’t ruin it when I seal it in varnish.




I have been chronicling some of our tabletop antics in this flickr set.

Sweet Video

Cinematography, CG, compositing, editing…all top notch. And I personally think the song is fairly groovy. But it’s the execution of the concept that makes this fun to watch. Enjoy!

Happy Up Here from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

Great Character Design

With the current state of game graphics the option to go photo-real usually ends up as a train wreck, and often times just plain creepy. I was surprised at how well the developers of the upcoming Ghostbuster’s title absolutely nailed it. They struck the perfect tone, not too cartoony but “real” enough so that the actors are recognized in an instant – capturing each of their individual persona’s.

With the original actor’s doing the VOs – it just seals the deal.

I <3 great ads

EA’s response to the Youtube post above (which seems to be legit considering the titles of his other videos).

Transcending History…


Hey, it looks like James is in the upcoming Soul Calibur. Hey James, that’s a nice out-fit!



Found a great Flickr gallery focused on the packaging of classic Atari games from the late 70s to early 80s. Not only is it a great sampling of that era’s graphic design and illustrative conventions, it’s also just a plain, old, good walk down memory lane. A lot more can be found here:

Shirow MMO designs

Shirow RF Online skin
Though I can’t say that I “appreciate” Shirow’s current work, the idea of bringing guest artists to produce special bonus sets for MMOs is an intriguing idea – and dare I say, not a bad one.

Namco and Star Wars…hmmm…


Halo 3 “Believe” Ad Campaign

Even though this is an ad campaign that ran last year, it still holds up as the shining example of how videogames need to be marketed.

I threw the rest of the ads up after the jump.
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Soul Calibur 4 Artwork
Soul Calibur 4 Artwork

Some nice stuff as usual. And Cheap-surugi!

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