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Macross Delta–the unfortunate reality

Sorry I was lax in finding out more about this, but in the end, doing so only lead to disappointment. Take a look at the new key art for the show.



The story is also a little strange. Reportedly it has stronger ties to Plus and 7 than Frontier. The story has to do with some rare disease that reduces people to their primal instincts. A desperate measure for “treatment” is the idol group “Valkure” (that’s a “cure” mixed in with the word Valkyrie). The story is about the search for the cure which involves looking for the originators of protoculture, the original ancient settlers of all the planets across the galaxies. There’s something about a Wind Kingdom and whatnot but really, they lost me with the idol group thing. It’s just a cheap grab at the new girls’ idol group boom going on now. I don’t feel a genuine attempt to tell a Macross story. Plus, if you look at the videos, you’ll see the really ugly CG they’re using. Too bad. What a disgraceful way to follow-up the excellent Frontier.

Anyway, it premieres on Sunday. I’ll see if I can catch the premiere, but don’t be surprised if I don’t.

Damn Good Coffee

Well this is interesting…

Things you end up finding out.

Watched an interesting documentary on Hitler’s rise to power on NHK last night; I put it on just to see what parallels there are with the way the current administration here is doing things (there are). But some of the more lasting tidbits from Hitler’s life and the rise of the Nazi party were rather eyebrow raising:

1) Those fabulous uniforms that make the SS and the Nazi Party so fashionable were designed by Hugo Boss. The man before he was a brand.

2) Wagner (Flight of the Valkyries) was a staunch anti-semite and his daughter a very close friend of the young Adolf Hitler. When you think of it, Wagner’s obsession with Germanic legend seems indicative of this.

3) Henry Ford was also anti-semitic and gave all profits from Ford automobile sales in Europe to a fledgling Nazi Party to help pay for those Hugo Boss uniforms, propaganda posters, etc. He was the first foreigner to be inducted and decorated by the Nazi Party (accompanied with photographs).

The things we don’t know….

Allez Cuisine!

Although it may be hopeful to think it will be as awesome as it was, this is still good news.

Law & Order across the pond

Has anyone seen the “Law & Order UK” series? I am very curious to see the differences in British law enforcement and legal proceedings from their US counterparts. Additionally, I would want to check out the filmmaking style for a police drama as the UK has a long history of quality TV dramas focused on law enforcement.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl

Some of you may remember the 1976 Sid & Marty Krofft Supershow segment of the same name, which followed the crime-fighting exploits of female caped crusader Electra Woman (played by soap maven Deidre Hall), and her teenage sidekick Dyna Girl (Judy Strangis). Today I came across some info that indicated the WB had commissioned a pilot for a revival of the show in 2001. Here’s the catch though, the new series would be a cynical parody of both the original show, which had also playfully lampooned the same genre, and superheroes in general set 25 years after the original series ended, with a retired Electra Woman brought back into action by an old fan of hers who then ended up becoming the new Dyna Girl. Night Court’s Markie Post assumed the red tights of Electra Woman, portraying her as a disillusioned and bitter, sexually promiscuous alcoholic, much in contrast to the character’s original saccharine portrayal. The pilot was shot, but the show never picked up. Thanks to Youtube, however, you can watch it now and I must say, I think the show might have been great and it’s surprising Fox didn’t pick it up after the WB obviously didn’t have the balls for this type of satire. It’s actually remarkably passable and with proper development might work even better today… Someone should really get the rights to this concept:

Part 2 here

R. Lee needs his own network

Another promo after the break…
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The Pacific

This one is especially for you, Kiko, though I am looking forward to this just as much. If the same team that brought us Band of Brothers can bring that magic to the Pacific theater, then there’s no reason why this won’t be just as stellar.

The (starship sized) elephant in the room…

How are we gonna handle Star Trek reviews, considering our geographical discrepancies?

Jamie Hewlett Fans

Check out his take on the classic “Journey to the West” story which is being used by the BBC to promote the Beijing Olympic Games!

“New” Seven Samurai


Recently a series of commercials have been appearing on TV that seem to be Akira Kurosawa’s classic “Seven Samurai” updated. Now, the obvious reaction is “WTF?!!” But it’s also hard for me to ignore that it looks really well done. And it’s even more unsettling that the soundtrack using the Rolling Stones somehow works. When those guitar licks at the beginning of “Satisfaction” start, there’s something appropriate about it. So, when does this hip version come out? Well, that’s the most disturbing thing. The great production value. The all-star cast (including Sonny Chiba!). This was all assembled for a PR campaign for a pachinko company. Yup! Pachinko, that wonderfully inane game where people sit for hours trying to get metal ball bearings to fall through a maze of pegs and into the right holes to rack up points. Part of me thinks that this effort seems  like such a total waste; but the results speak for themselves and if the young kids are going to appreciate the classics, then updated versions might be the way to go. However, when the film companies are funding shabby “sequels”,  TV remakes and worse — “re-imaginings” of Kurosawa films, the fact that a pachinko company can foot the bill for something like this is a bit telling at the state of the Japanese film industry today. If I were 13 or 14 years old today, I’d check out this film. Your thoughts?

Click on the bottom right image for the full-trailer. The others are 30 second spots.

Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee Debut Single
Macross Frontier: Ranka Lee Debut Single


For the MFrontier nerds (65% of the users of this blog).

This single includes the new renditions of “Do You Remember Love” (Ai Oboete Imasuka) and  “My Boyfriend is a Pilot” (Watashi no Kare wa Pilot).  Click on the image to download the album.

Guy Ritchie

Is a genius.

It’s too bad he will forever be known as “that guy that married Madonna.” Be sure to watch the Hi-Res version here.

Nerd Out!


During conventions I rarely get to nerd out. But this year my convention role has been diminished (thankfully) and I was able to actually do stuff at SakuraCon (the modest Pacific Northwest anime show). To my astonishment, Nobuteru Yuuki was signing. He is my favorite Japanese character designer and I have been collecting his rare independent (doujinshi) book releases for years. It just so happens that he was the character designer for my favorite series, to which he produced a doujinshi release for – and I was fortunate enough to acquire. I had to get him to sign it. Mission accomplished (with a nifty photo too).

Toon Timeslip

Allow me to geek out a bit. As I have been experiencing a need to revisit favorite things from my youth, be it TV shows, cartoons, etc., I sometimes encounter only a vague memory of an image or a singular element that has stayed with me. Trying to research this on the internet has proved to be challenging. Usually asking a friend (usually James who seems to remember EVERYTHING) often solves the problem.

That was different with one title, a cartoon from the 80s I used to watch along with favorites such as Thundercats, MASK, G.I. Joe, Thundarr the Barbarian, The Inhumanoids, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, etc. The only element which I could describe was a guy with two swords that joined into a double-bladed sword. That’s it. Even James was hard pressed to remember a cartoon with this element. After Darth Maul blazed his way on movie screens, double-bladed whatevers have become the rage with the geek community. However, I knew that I saw this concept a long time ago.

Distracting myself from work recently, I finally decided to home in on finding what this cartoon was called. Several google searches for “80s cartoon double swords”, “80s fantasy cartoons”, “80s cartoons twin blades”, etc., etc., produced no results. Then I searched for just “80s cartoons” and finally came upon a poorly designed, but thorough website cataloging 80s cartoons in alphabetical order. So, I started the long search starting at “A”. By “F” I was beginning to fear that if this cartoon started with a “Z” that I would be in for a long haul. Then, in the “G”s I found it. It’s a Hana Barbara cartoon called “Galtar and the Golden Lance”.


Hazza! With title in hand, I went to YouTube and lo-n-behold, there are episodes and the opening sequence. So if you would allow me to indulge myself:

Nostalgia part deux

Ah, seeing some of the faces in the photographs of the gallery linked below just gets me all misty-eyed. I can hear the slow plucking of bass strings now…. click “Bob” for more.


Star Trek Teaser

Shitty cellphone cam but it still gives me chills. Big props for using the old school transporter sound effect for the end of the teaser.


HD version of the Teaser can be found here

6 years later…


(Actually more since you saw these two together)…And this still looks amazingly “comfortable” and “right”. Word is that it will be a standalone film, dumping any of the plotlines from the series. Good move. Lots of people out there nowadays who may have never seen it. Opening later this year…

Hot Damn.

Japan brings the best of all Christmas gifts. An honest to God return to form with a true Macross sequel. All doubts will be erased once you listen to the end credits.



Someone is offering up a set of propaganda posters inspired by the new Battlestar Galactica series. They’re not bad. Referencing post-modern/industrialist art, they seem to capture the mood of the series (which I haven’t seen…sorry). The one sore spot is that one with the Cylon woman. Absolutely no attempt to remain consistent with the artwork of the other posters featuring human beings or their parts (hands in this case). They should have found another way.