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Do you remember, Steve?

Warning, may cause flashbacks and uncontrollable fits for the CG sensitive.

Oh, Phil, you thespian you…


It’s Kawajiri. It’s Madhouse. The art style is exactly the same. So why does this feel soooo wrong??

Oh yeah, Jubei’s snowboarding…that’s why. And there’s some motorcycle dude…literally.

MRI 2, the sequel

So, on the 5th, I had my second MRI as scheduled six months prior. I am pleased to report that the bulge in the blood vessel of my brain has not grown. However, the managing physician didn’t greet the news with a big grin and a “have a great day” attitude. He actually ended up passing me on to a neurologist. A neurologist. My first thoughts were of course: “should I be worried?”

The neurologist took me in for consultation immediately and it became apparent that while the MRI confirmed the existence of a lump or bulge in my brain, the MRI can not reveal any more details about it beyond that. The neurologist was very good in explaining that by professional standards, I am very much in a low risk group, but that doesn’t mean the chance of something happening to the bulge is 0 and we’ll only know for sure what my actual risk level is after a more detailed examination of said bulge or lump.

To accomplish this will require a CT scan. I’ve been scheduled for the 15th, so Kiko, I’d like to have your excruciatingly detailed account of what you feel when you drink that vile concoction; how difficult it might be to deal with its effects both during and after the scan, etc. I need to prepare myself for the experience so anything you can contribute to my understanding of the process would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, “we delivered the bomb…”

Yearly Check-ups

I think I mentioned a while back or at least in some blurb on a comment somewhere here that I would be getting an MRI/MRA done during my yearly physical check-ups. I got the results back a couple of weeks ago. Everything was all green in terms of things like cholesterol, blood pressure, weight, BMI, etc. My MRI came back clean as well.

However, my MRA (this is a scan of your brain/body that reveals your blood vessels without having to drink some crap) showed a slight bulge in one blood vessel near the frontal right lobe of my brain about 3mm in size that had the potential of being an aneurysm. Speaking with the managing physician, he told me that I probably have nothing to worry about because of the size and the excellent condition of my other medical statistics. Just in case, however, we’ve scheduled another MRI/MRA for October just to make sure that it hasn’t grown in size. If the results of the second scan show no growth, then it is not a problem. (By the way, this is not my brain image, but it is weird seeing inside your own head!)

mra image

The biggest factor of whether this could or would have turned into a medical problem requiring surgery is blood pressure. Thankfully, I have that in check and have been told to at least bring it down just a little more by watching my salt intake. But I just wanted to let you guys know the importance of getting yearly check-ups, especially as we are getting on in years. Just because you may be physically fit, there are hidden potential problems that only specific tests/scans will reveal. I am lucky that I decided to concentrate on my health early on and lost weight and brought my numbers down to green levels in the last few years. If I hadn’t, the bulge that was found could have been a bigger problem requiring immediate surgery…or worse…I might have just suffered a full on aneurism and died on the spot.

If you’re not getting yearly check-ups or just check-ups in general, please consider doing so. Catching something early is really the key.

Incredible footage!

Look very closely

A Masterpiece

There are some obvious issues with the models and animation, but the storytelling is a triumph.

If a storm’s blowing…

there’s no quick way down.

Yeah there is… Let Go!

(Thanks to Kiko’s Twitter feed for pointing this out)

Best Wishes for 2010

You guys are less than an hour from the New Year, but it’s come and gone here…quietly and solemnly as always.

Anyway, just want to wish the entire Cadre a happy and healthy 2010. Whatever you are doing, end up doing, or are thinking of doing… may it turn out as well as you imagine.

2010 is going to be an interesting year for me. I turn 40 this year and despite promising myself when I was young that I wouldn’t pull the “mid-life crisis” thing, I now truly understand what the phrase means and it is nothing like the stereotype. I have been reflecting about where I have been professionally and personally, and have determined where I would like to go with the rest of my life. Unfortunately, this also means making some fundamental changes to my priorities, especially when it comes to my career. Personally, I can’t complain, but I am completely unsatisfied with where I have let my career go and will be taking every and all necessary steps to correct the course it is currently on.

Wish me luck on the second leg of “life’s journey.” I have always been a late breaker so I am looking forward to the next 40 years (with luck).

Now this is sweet

Honda introduced a prototype of possible mobility technology yesterday. Unlike the Segway, you comfortably sit at around barstool level and the device allows for simultaneous movement laterally through a self-balance control scheme. Very cool! As you can see, it’s far more agile and intuitive than the Segway, though I give Segway points for launching Bush on his ass.

Ben: Earthquake??
Ben: Earthquake??

I just read about the 6.9 magnitude earthquake hitting northern Japan. Everything all right where you are??

– Laura

The Horror

Photoshop crimes are getting out of control.  Who will save us?

Double Yikes!

Okay, I do not know which is more creepy, the fact that this thing is amazingly lifelike and autonomous or it makes that whirring sound. Can you imagine hearing that in the distance and getting closer? Only to see some headless quadra-ped lumbering your way? Yikes!

Batter Blaster

The last time I was in the states, I saw a commercial for pancake mix where you just poor milk into a plastic container, like the large Tropicana Orange Juice containers, evidently filled with batter and shake it for a few minutes. Then pour and eat. I thought, “God, can people get any more lazy?!” Well, evidently they can….Introducing, Batter Blaster!

You thought spray cheese was scary? The website says it’s “Amazing!”. I think what’s amazing is that they’re claiming it’s “organic.” Hmmm…something tells me their full of shit. But hey, the demo says it all…Mm-mmm-good! Watch and be amazed!