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Will Color For Food

Comic book folks,

Just wanted to announce here that I am available to help someone with coloring work if they need it. Been off work for most of the summer due to the cancellation of a project as well as League taking a break. Gave me time to work on my own stuff, but now I need to start earning a living again. Should you need a page or two taken off your hands, contact me directly. You all know my email address right?

Thanks in advance!

Still Painting Dolls

I posted my first painted miniature quite a while ago. Since then I’ve kept at it, falling ever more so into the hobby gaming fandom. Here are some of my latest painted figs.




I am currently running a WarMachine/Hordes league at the office and my tabletop game collection is outgrowing my storage space. What are you guys up to hobby wise?

Show Me Yours
Show Me Yours

Been kind of obsessed lately with seeing the creative spaces / workspaces of people in different fields like at this site:

So show me what your workspace looks like. Take a photo now. Don’t clean up to make it look cool. Let us see how it is when you’re in the thick of things. And it doesn’t have to be a home studio. Kiko, it’d be great to see your space at PA. Anyway, here’s where I color, translate, and design.


You Know You’re Old When…

You throw out your back vacuuming… Trying to get League colored this week is going to be hell.

    Corsett: check
    Pain Relievers: check
    Compress: check


Oh, and one more thing….

Coincidence? I think not.

Throwing out an IDEA

Still a bit on self-imposed embargo for social media, but something popped into my head whilst working; inspired by James’ recent need to purge his book collection, and also looking at my own collection either going unused or unseen in storage at my parents’ home, I got this idea of us former WS colorists spearheading some type of charity cause to collect and donate books from artists who don’t think they need or want their books anymore and somehow making them available to needy art hopefuls or something of that ilk. Seeing as must of us in the Cadre don’t have kids, it’d be nice way to pass on this collection of knowledge and inspiration to future generations instead of trying to sell them for a significant loss or burning them outright.

Anyway, I need to get back to work, but let’s talk amongst ourselves and see if we can grow this idea.

Fruits of Labor

Happy to announce the completion of the latest League of Extraordinary Gentlemen standalone graphic novel. This one again featuring Nemo’s daughter Janni and….NAZIS! Well, Alan Moore Nazis. Should hit stands first quarter of next year!! Tell your friends. Tell your family! There’s food and treats at the Pixie Pantry and the Good Witches Bakery!!


SDCC 2014
I mentioned before that there was some talk about possibly attending next year’s Con with the League creative team. After some frank discussion with the folks at both Top Shelf and Knockabout (UK), we came to the conclusion that supporting my airfare there was not really financially feasible. So, sadly, I will most likely not attend. We’re keeping lines of communications open on the off-hand chance someone wins the lottery or comes into some extra cash; but more than likely I won’t be going. Thanks Jeromy for offering to put me up at your place, though. Would have been great to have seen those of you who would attend.

Japanese CG
Been mulling on this because I really hate the fact that Gatchaman looks so bad (and worse the more I see of it) narratively and visually. And I was listening to Brad Bird’s commentary on The Incredibles while working and he said exactly the problem with Japanese CG: “The computer tries to make everything look small, weightless, clean, and shiny.” That was it. They’re not doing the problem solving at the computer level that Pixar and other big CG places spend a lot of time, money, and energy solving—even for mere seconds on the screen. Harlock is faring a bit better, but you can still see of those elements pop up here and there. Thank you Brad Bird. Now I can sleep.

The new Batman.
Ben Affleck. Good actor. Better director. Can’t see him as Batman if Daredevil is any clue. My pick would be Jim Caviezel. If you need someone to go up against Supes, it needs to be Jesus!

Do you remember, Steve?

Warning, may cause flashbacks and uncontrollable fits for the CG sensitive.

Oh, Phil, you thespian you…

Most Funnest!

Some of you who aren’t on Google+ or don’t visit often…should take a look at Jeromy’s podcast. It is decidedly “most funnest.”
And for some of you “gothic cowboys” there’s a part you should pay close attention to :D

A Question for the Colorists

Though, those of you who have experience can answer too.

“How many of you are using a Cintiq? And what size?”

I ask because I saw this:

But $3700!! If I had that kind of money, I wouldn’t need to color funnies. That is the dilemma…

New Tool

Finally got myself a prime lens. It’s going to be a lot of fun working with this as I have mostly done photography with some type of multi-range lens. It will also be refreshing to have a really wide aperture. The 18-105mm lens that came with my Nikon was an f5.6 at 50mm!! (f3.5 at 18mm) and I can tell you that by dusk, if I didn’t crank up my ISO to 1000 or more, I would get lousy shots free hand. And forget about low lit interiors like a restaurant or bar. It was the death of a snapshotist like me. Now I am going to enjoy the simplicity of a single focal length with a wide aperture. Fun days ahead!

Oh, if you check the metadata of the photo, you’ll notice I took the photo with an iPad. These are the days in which we live.

League is finished.

Just put the finishing touches on the final page of the third and final chapter in League: Century…almost a year after I received the first scans. After this, I am going to take a long break. I already know what I’ll be doing next…but that’s a secret for now.

I made a bandana…

I created this bandana for Ubisoft’s upcoming Ghost Recon Future Soldier as a promotional giveaway for shows and conventions. They liked it so much that they decided to use it as a pre-order bonus.

A Milestone

My first full sized movie poster that I designed and had printed (nicely considering some of the dodgy material I was given).
Will be hanging up at the Rotterdam Film Festival next week and anywhere that books the film. Designed accompanying postcard handouts with the same image just without the credits which were placed with other text at the back of the card.

(click for larger version)

Will try to do a post on the process along with some of the alternate versions I made for initial approval.

My comic book (sort of)

Well, I can’t believe it’s actually happened, but an interactive comic book that I recently worked on has been officially launched today:

It’s been an interesting journey leading up to this. Eric Dallaire, past colleague from Presto Studios, contacted me last year to do some freelance for his startup company, Impish Studios. Most of the freelance was for supplying graphics for existing iPhone app games. I initially wanted to pass on it because, to be honest, I just didn’t want to work. But I felt having extra money can help my costs of living abroad.

Along the way, Eric wanted to start working on creating new licenses and had an idea for an iPhone game. The idea was to make it black and white with graphic images to minimize asset creation. Somehow, he began talking with the folks at Amazon and they talked about possibly making an interactive graphic novel, much like the original “Choose Your Own Adventures” series. Since the Amazon Kindle device only displays shades of gray, we felt it would be suitable to adapt a film noir feel to it.

Now, I’ve never drawn a comic book before, but Eric had full confidence that I could pull it off. The main plot was laid out by Eric while I collaborated with the story. I supplied most of the art, but because of deadline constraints, Ron Lemen was able to help out.

I admit, I’m not entirely happy with the quality of my work, but it’s been such an awarding experience. It’s forced me to consider how to illustrate things that I wouldn’t normally be interested in (especially environments) and to explore different techniques (like making rough layouts in 3D to help with perspective).

It’s full of stars!!
It’s full of stars!!

Well not really…more like people. This is my League flatting nightmare. And this is only 1/2 of the panel. There’s more off to the right.

End of an era
End of an era

Don’t know if all of you have seen the news, but it’s plastered all over the comics news sites.

DC Co-Publishers Announce End of Wildstorm Imprint, Zuda.

I haven’t read confirmation on this, but it’s pretty implicit in the articles I’ve read so far…it sounds like the La Jolla studio will be shut down, and some portion of the staffers will move to Burbank. I don’t know what that means for, say, the staff colorists, or anyone who isn’t Editorial. But it’s a sad thing to think that the offices where I cut my teeth will be gone, even if on a logical level, it makes sense to get rid of such an expensive piece of property for such a small division.

What do y’all think? I feel the sudden urge to go out to Cali and see the studio one more time before it disappears. (Not that I’ve taken the time to visit in the last eight or nine years, but that’s because it would always be there…right?)

– Laura

Just adding an image for old time’s sake

I wish I was more talented…
I wish I was more talented…

It is true. I have no talent. What I do have is a lot of practice. And I am not talking about occasionally dabbling in Ruby on the weekends. I am talking about the kind of practice where I beat code that isn’t working into submission (though often times the code wins).

I know we all have had moments (some longer than others-ahem–James) where we were/are saying this to ourselves. I hear it echoing in my head currently. But I found a pretty good article that I found–without trying to sound corny–inspirational. The topic is website code, but it can be applied to whatever we are doing even if it that is just transitory.

More here: I Have No Talent–John Nunemaker

This is where I work…

We started a TV series about our office.

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